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Goring Kerr Xpert X-Ray Inspection System
Xpert™ X-ray Inspection System The GK Xpert is the next generation in a long line of powerful and flexible x-ray food protection systems from Thermo Scientific. Due to it's unique design, it provides industry-leading detection of product defects including a wide range of contaminants and product assembly errors. It was engineered utilizing Goring Kerr's 25+ years of experience and comes with many new improvements such as a larger touchscreen, high speed USB port, faster processor and improved performance in harsh environmental conditions. Based on input from and experience with hundreds of customers around the world, the GK Xpert raises the bar for price/performance in a food x-ray inspection system. This continual improvement has yielded a system that is both powerful, and flexible while not sacrificing ease of use. With a full suite of image filters and analysis tools the GK Xpert can locate hard to find contaminants in packaged/ bulk/piped products as well as verify correct package assembly.
Features and Benefits Multiple conveyor and pipeline models available to inspect different types of packaged or bulk products Field proven contaminant detection filters and product inspection tools Low X-Ray power with high penetration for longer source life Large 15-inch touchscreen interface is exceptionally easy to learn and use IP65 wash-down capable Air conditioner option available for harsh environments New USB interface for quick and easy import and export of data Multilingual HACCP Compliant
It's modern Pentium computer and high speed USB port means you can analyze 100% of your production the way you want to and export images and statistics to other systems via a standard memory stick. The GK Xpert's high resolution, powerful and thermally stable x-ray imaging system provides for maximum sensitivity and also assures high quality, real-time images are available for problem determination right on the factory floor. Drawing on Thermo Scientific's real world experience in some of the harshest factories in the world, the GK Xpert has been redesigned for complete safety, easy cleaning and robust operation in just about any plant setting. It meets the most stringent worldwide x-ray emission standards, has many built-in safety features and has been improved to
minimize possible bacteria traps. In addition it was re-engineered top to bottom to improve reliability and make periodic maintenance quick and easy. To assure the Xpert can stand up to harsh factory use it was thoroughly tested by a qualified third party to industry standard temperature, humidity, dust, washdown, vibration and mechanical shock standards.