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Case Transport
Innovations Meet Your Needs Eastey’s Vertical Case Transport System allows users to print on two sides of a case eliminating the need for pre-printed cases or expensive labeling equipment and supplies. Adjustable width settings and printhead locations allow users to print on cases ranging in size from 10” x 10” up to 33” x 40”.
Industrial Strength Operation A single drive motor and an aggressive industrial strength drive belt make the VCTS a workhorse that will stand up to your toughest challenges. Each VCTS is made from powder coated 12 gauge steel that will withstand even the most rugged applications.
Automatic Operation Designed for off-line case printing, the VCTS automatically feeds blank cases through a print station that is ideal for mounting hi- resolution inkjet printers and offers the ability to print virtually anywhere on either side of the case. Open access to printheads allows for easy maintenance and quick adjustments. The VCTS also features an input hopper that can hold up to 90 flat single wall cases and can easily be reloaded by one person.
Easy To Program The VCTS includes a programmable counter that keeps track of batch quantities, rate of operation, and elapsed run time, allowing users the ability to customize case runs. The system can be easily programmed to shut down when the maximum count is reached. The VCTS batch counter is the ideal solution for users looking to print a message on specific number of cases while eliminating the need for manual case counting.
EASTEY VCTS Case Transport System
Increased Inventory Space Eastey’s VCTS is an ideal option for users who are looking to increase storage space by eliminating pre-printed case inventories. Equipped with casters, the VCTS can be easily moved throughout the plant to accommodate your various printing needs.
Affordable Versatility If you’ve wanted to begin printing your cases or expand your operation’s versatility, but felt your budget restricted you from doing so, Eastey’s VCTS offers a new level of economy. Eliminate the high costs associated with pre-printed cases by printing specific product information directly onto blank cases. Any way you look at it, Eastey’s VCTS provides users with an affordable solution to meet your case printing needs.
THE RIGHT SOLUTION Rugged design. Proven reliability. Simple operation. Your benefits go on and on. When it comes to industrial operation, rely on Eastey to provide the right solution for your case transport needs.