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Modular Rotary Labeler
This Rotary labeler is able to accommodate all of the currently available technologies, combined and not. Designed for all the needs of present and future use: the only labeler ready for all possible future transformations and implementations. Designed for those who do not have clear ideas at the time of purchase, the modular labeler developed by P.E. LABELERS is the only one really able to offer full freedom of choice at any time. To best meet client needs, Modular models are divided into three categories: MODULAR FIX With rotation plates with mechanical cam and cold glue and/or pressure sensitive peninsula stations MODULAR PLUS With rotation plates handled by integrated servo actuated motors and cold glue and/or pressure sensitive peninsula stations MODULAR TOP With rotation plates handled by integrated servo actuated motors and cold glue, pressure sensitive, hot melt modules on a cart.
New No Constraints Labeler! It’s the evolution of the classic modular labeler, a state-of-the- art piece of equipment allowing its users to decide which labeling station to install, when to install it (before, during or after its purchase) and whether to install labeling units as fixed or modular fittings. Indeed, new Modular Plus offers the possibility of choosing the kind of labeling that meets current customers’ needs best. In case marketing requires it, it is possible to change the kind of application, instead of replacing the whole machine, as it was in the past. Even after the labelers purchase, it is possible to replace the existing labeling units at any time with other kinds of fittings that offer different technologies -e.g. on carts or fixed stations - as upon the labelers purchase. Carts and fixed stations are available for any kind of technology: cold glue, hot-melt, pressure sensitive (including non-stop) and roll-fed equipments. Modular is a non-binding labeler assuring its users absolute freedom! Modular models are available in two versions. A mid-low speed version has been expressly designed for middle and small-sized wineries and oil mills that can reach the utmost flexibility with a reasonable investment. A large-sized version allows its users to achieve up to 72.000 bph high speed and assures top quality performances. Servomotors with integrated drive for plate rotation are the added value of these models, working through an electronic cam system that can be programmed by a touch screen panel if necessary, Modular plus can be integrated with optical spotting systems and with cameras, in order to give its users the possibility of labeling any kind of container.
Easy customizing for the different needs and possibility to be implemented even after installation. Type of labeling: combination Cold glue, Pressure sensitive, Hot melt, Hot melt roll-fed, Adhesleeve for pre-glued labels Production speed: from 6.000 to 60.000 bph, depending on the model Container Ø: max 168mm Suitable to handle cylindrical and shaped (rectangular, square, oval, etc.) containers Rounded ergonomic frame for higher safety and accessibility to the operator for change over operations and when the machine is running.
ROTARY Modular Combination Labeler, Pressure Sensitive, Cold Glue, Cut and Stack
The Modular models, all equipped with an ergonomic frame offer total safety and protection to the operators, thanks to patented safety systems able to guarantee zero workplace accidents.
Modular Labeling Machines with 3 to 5 Labeling Stations, Cold Glue, Hot Melt Precut, Hot Melt Roll-Fed and Pressure Sensitive.