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ABC Model 450 Adhesive Case Erector
For high speed case erecting, choose the Model 450 case erector and sealer. This case former runs up to 55 cases per minute, providing square, well-sealed cases to high speed lines. Packed inside its compact frame is a workhorse machine, with a hefty 3 hp main drive motor that powers cases through erecting and sealing. With an easy-load case magazine, non-stop servo-controlled case sealing ram, computer-driven operation with touchscreen controls, this case erector is the top choice for speed, durability and reliability.
Large Capacity, Easy Load Case Magazine The self-indexing case magazine assures a continuous case supply to the erector. As each stack is used, another moves into position maximizing time between refills. The ergonomic design of the low level design makes it easy to refill without lifting and raising cases.
Servo-powered Sealing Ram Forms Square Cases As each case travels through the sealing station, the servo motor- powered sealing ram smoothly and reliably compresses the flaps to ensure a secure seal. Cases do not stop- the sealing ram moves with the case to ensure a secure seal, then cycles back to enter the next case as it approaches. The ram stroke is precisely controlled by the servo motor, ensuring optimum precision during high speed production runs for high speed case erecting.
A-B-C Intelligent Control Ensures Precise Operation Intelligent Control takes PLC logic one step further, to provide unprecedented control of line performance. Closed loop position feedback ensures precise timing of each operating sequence, utilizing non-contact sensors to provide input. The touch screen display provides real-time operating data, and allows independent operation of all functions, diagnostics, and changeover settings.
High Speed
Case Feed Designed for Reliable Transfer of Every Case This case erector has self-adjusting, spring-loaded grippers that assure proper case feed from uneven stacks of warped or band-marked cases. Their unique "floating" design allows them to operate independently to grip each case firmly and provide a consistent and reliable case feed. Cases feed into position at the opening station.
Reliable case erecting mechanism Production-proven since 1990, A-B-C's cam-operated vacuum pullback case opener design is superior in running less-than- perfect corrugated. This method utilizes dual vacuum grippers- lower grippers provide solid compression to hold the case firmly while the upper grippers pull the case open. The case flaps are lifted to a slightly over-opened position to ensure smooth inner flap folding.
Features for Reliable Operation A-B-C’s Intelligent Control electronics provide total control of operation Low level case magazine holds 3 stacks of cases (approx 300 KD’s) eliminating frequent refills Automatic case feed from top of stack by dual floating grippers to smoothly feed warped or band-marked cases Tablock opener is designed to gently fold tablock flaps while reducing stress on tabs, to prevent tearing or release Dual top and bottom vacuum grippers that over-open cases ensuring proper opening of cases with poor manufacturer’s joints Reliable walking beam case transfer
Specifications Case range: RSC, and HSC cases Electrical: Primary 230 or 460v, 60hz, 3ph, NEMA 12 Air: Adhesive: 1.621 scfm per cycle @ 80 psi Speed: Up to 55 cases per minute
High Performance Features Heavy steel box frame construction-welded and bolted for strength All-mechanical main drive High capacity vacuum system Direct drive walking beam case transfer
Quick Changeover All settings for every case size are accessed at the operator panel and rapid adjust cranks and slides with locking handles are used for adjustments to ensure quick and easy case changes.