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Labeling Systems
Stand Alone Labelers
Quadrel offers a complete line of label applicators, from simple, economically priced to high speed servo driven label applicators with dispensing speeds over 5,000" per minute.
Q120 Label Applicator The Q120 stepper driven applicator is a time tested and proven labeler designed for long term reliability at moderately high production rates. The modular design is well suited for integration of thermal transfer printers, laser printers, and vision systems. The Q20 features a color touchscreen HMI control, Allen Bradley PLC and heavy duty mounting hardware for precise changeovers, as well as a wide array of cautionary and fatal faults.
Standard Features Allen Bradley brand PLC Encoder-based speed compensation (with optional encoder) Rugged stainless steel & aluminum constructions Integrated fan-cooled electronics Intelligent stepper label drive (optional Servo Drive) Precision sealed bearings Outboard supported drive yoke for long-term reliability and consistent web tracking Dependable performance in harsh environments 16” (406 mm) label unwind for less frequent roll changes Optical label detection sensor Adjustable Hydraulic waste rewind clutch
Options Left or Right hand versions T or H-Base stand with casters and leveling pads Low label detection End of web detection Broken web detection Thermal transfer, laser, or hot stamp imprinter Clear label detection Servo Label Drive motor Pivoting Peel Plate Consult factory for others
Specifications Size 24” (610mm) width x 47” (1194mm) length Actual Labeling Rate Dependent upon label length and product size (Up to 350 products per minute) Dispensing Accuracy Up to +/- 1/32” (1mm) Dispensing Speed Variable, up to 2200” per minute Label Drive Stepping motor standard; Servo optional Design Features Outboard supported label drive, stainless steel/aluminum construction, precision sealed bearing, pivoting peel plate Label Dimensions Maximum width: 6 7/8” (174 mm); 9 ⅞” (254mm) optional Max. Length required length Min. Width ½” (13mm) Min. Length ½” (13mm) Roll Capacity 16” (406mm) O.D. on 3” (76mm) or 6” (153mm) I.D. core (Must specify at time of order) Web Width 7” (177mm) ; 10” (254mm) optional Label Format Die cut, waste removed (Min. ⅛” (3mm) between labels) Utilities 110vac or 220 vac, 50/60Hz, 10/5 amps
The Q120 label applicator is designed to provide years of reliable, 24/7 operation in harsh environments with minimal maintenance. It is ideal for stand alone applications on existing packaging lines, as well as the labeler of choice for Quadrel moderately high speed open frame systems. Design features such as Touch Screen controls, 16” label unwind, and upgraded high-torque stepping motor label drive allow for production rates up to 350 parts per minute with +/- 1/32” applied accuracy. The high-speed PLC directs and monitors all functions of the labeling head, including speed compensation, fault detection, and full status monitoring.