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Labeling Systems
Print & Apply Labelers
Quadrel offers a complete line of integrated print & apply label systems capable of producing computer- generated shipping information, ingredient listings, bar codes, graphics, etc.
Print & Apply Pail and Carton Labeling System This custom labeling system features the popular Q33 printer applicator with a leading panel corner wrap assembly and pneumatic roller impresser. For the cartons, the Q33 print and apply labeling system predispenses a label to the leading panel module, the label is applied to the leading panel and the pneumatic roller impresser completes the label wipe down onto the side of the product. For pails, the Q33 printer applicator prints and applies a label to
Print & Apply Front/Back Labeler: This Front/Back Labeling System features two of Quadrel's popular Q33 printer applicators. Product handling features a ten foot conveyor, a top hold down assembly for product control and two bar code scanners with pneumatic cylinders for ejection of bad read bar codes.
Bottom Print & Apply Pail and Carton Labeler System operation is simple and efficient. Products are transferred to an infeed conveyor where they are aligned by a set of guide rails. The printer applicator prints and applies the label to the bottom of the product. This system is ideal for a wide variety of products that require ingredient labels on the bottom panels of clam shell or shrink-wrapped products.
Print & Apply Wraparound Labeler These labeling system features the Q33 low-cost printer applicator. For leading and adjacent side application the printer applicator prints and pre- dispenses a label across the conveyor. As the product contacts the label, it is applied to the leading panel. The impressers complete the label wipe down onto the side of the container. The wrap station completes the label wipe down around the cylindrical containers. Small diameter products typically fall over when standing on end; laying them on their side is sometimes the best way to accurately hold them. This system was designed to label short runs of small cylindrical products efficiently. The Printer Applicator allows the labels to be printed and applied at the manufacturing site. Simple Windows based software generates the labels and sends the data to the applicator for precise printing.
Print & Apply Front Panel Labeler The custom inline labeling system features our heavy- duty printer applicator and a secondary pneumatic cylinder impresser. Buckets are manually loaded with the handles riding on the guide rails. Products are aligned by a guide rail and driven by a lug on the conveyor. The Q33 print and apply labeling system prints and applies a label to the side of the bucket. The secondary pneumatic cylinder impresses the remainder of the label around each side of the bucket.
the side of the pail. The wrap station completes the label wipe down as the product spins. Additional features include a custom width and length stainless steel conveyor, guarding for the wrap station and custom product wheels.