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Parts & Consumables

Need to Place an Order? Please call us at 781-944-8000 or email us at sales@cal-pak.com to place an order for inks, solvents, ribbons, labels, or parts.
Fully Automatic Systems Maximize employee productivity with Heat Seal’s Automatic Shrink Packaging Systems. These automatic packaging systems wrap up to 60 packages per minute. Flexible and reliable the automatic packaging machines offer up to 128 product presets for quick and easy product change. These reliable systems provide a quality packaging solution and will help lower applied packaging costs.
L-Bar Sealers
L-Sealers & Tunnel Systems
Control Panel All Electric, No Air Required. Schneider Electric PLC and Controls, Available Worldwide Variable Speed AC Motors 4.3” Color Touchscreen Siements PLC Controlled with Intuitive Touchscreen Controls Tunnel Chamber Dual Tunnel Temperature Contol Adjustable Air Flow Schneider Electric Components High Temperature Limit Switch Automatic Cool Down Extends Heating Element Life
Conveyor Features Digital Variable Speed Live/Dead Selection Roller Conveyor Quick Change ½” Diameter Live/Dead Rollers with 2” Spacing Other Features Powder Coated Steel Construction Options Stainless Steel Construction Flighted Infeed Conveor, Variable Speed
HDSA1721 Automatic L Bar & T3417 Shrink Tunnel Stores up to 10 products setups Horizontal or vertical product detection Hot knife seal bars Digital temperature controls Motorized seal height adjustment Hydraulic Easy Lift Adustable Height Console Max. Package Dimensions: 2.0” L Min. (50 mm L) with Optional Closing Conveyor, 2” - 16” W (50 - 410 mm W), .13” - 4.75” H (3 - 120 mm H), 4.0” L Min. (100 mm L) Film Capacity: 22” Center Folded, up to 44” with Optional Center Folder (550 mm) (1100 mm) L Bar Seal Area: 17” W x 21” L (450 mm W x 550 mm L) Overall Dimensions: 72” L, 38” W, 60” H (1830 mm L, 970 mm W, 1520 mm H) Working Adjustable Height: 32”- 36” H (81 - 91 cm H) Conveyor Speed: 70 ft./min. (21 m./min.)
Automatic Combination System General Specifications
Max. Package Dimensions: 23.5” L Min., 15.5” W, 9.25” H (600 mm L, 400 mm W, 240 mm H) Maximum dimentions cannot be used simultaneously. Film Capacity: 27.5” W, 11.75” OD (700 mm W, 300 mm OD) L Bar Seal Area: 15.5” W x 23” L (400 mm W x 600 mm L) Overall Dimensions: 100” L, 49” W, 62” H (2518 mmL, 1240 mm W, 1558 mm H) Conveyor Speed: Variable: 20-100 ft./min. (6-30m./min.) Production Rate: 0-60 PPM, Dependent upon product and film size Conveyor Height: 34.25” to 36.25” (870 mm to 920 mm)
HDX2000 Automatic L Bar & T5218 Shrink Tunnel Stores up to 64 recipes, add your own photos Motorized Movement of both Seal Jaw Opening and Height and Inverting Triangle Height USB Interface Adjustable Seal Force Belt Reversing Seal Cooling for Polyethylene Dual Gull Wing with Interlocked Guarding Infeed and Outfeed Belts Extend Beyond Machine Opening Interlocked Slide Out Film Carriage
HDX250A Automatic L Bar Sealer & Tunnel Combo Stores up to 128 Recipes Two Emergency Stop Buttons USB & SD Interface Horizontal and Vertical Product Sensors Adjustable Seal Jaw Opening Adustable Seal Pressure Overhead Scrap Rewind Variable Speed Roller Conveyor Multiple Alars for Machine Monitoring Max. Package Dimensions: 15.5” W, 16.5” L, 4.5” H (400 mm W, 420 mm L, 120 mm H) Film Capacity: 23.5” W, 11.75” OD (600 mm W, 300 mm OD) L Bar Seal Area: 20” W x 20” L (508 mmW, 508 mm L) Overall Dimensions: 95” L, 47” W, 67” H (2390 mm L, 1190 mm W, 1680 mm H) Tunnel Chamber: 18” W, 10” H, 23” L (458 mm W, 254 mm H, 585 mm L) Production Rate: 0-20 PPM, Dependent upon product and film size Conveyor Height: 34.25” (870 mm)