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Large Character Coders
Complete Control Over Variable Printing Jobs Inc.jet takes variable printing solutions to the next level with control.tower, providing complete control for print jobs, turning a regular print machine into an intelligent specialty print system, simply and quickly. Interfacing not just the inc.jet imagers but other hardware including sensors, cameras and readers, control.tower prints, reads and verifies, with diverts possible for when errors are encountered. By incorporating control.tower into new systems or upgrading existing machinery, not only does it create an intelligent process whereby you can track your print job, it also helps ensure product integrity - what you print is what you get.
Interfacing Options for True Printing Flexibility Inc.jet provides more than the GUI for controlling the print imagers. There are other options available to the integrator to access the sophisticated print control and monitoring capabilities. Terminal Mode Using remote control codes, the Terminal Mode option makes controlling the GUI using other applications and data files possible. This is ideal where software, other than inc.jet s, is required to control and monitor the print imagers. Production DLL For advanced integrators, who have developed or wish to develop their own software interfaces, inc.jet offers DLL access which can be used to control and monitor real-time printing on a jet.engine system communicating over Ethernet.
Ink.jet Coding Software
Where PDF files are the preferred print format, inc.jet can provide software which allows you to print directly from these files. PDF RIP can print both normal and secure PDF files, saving time and further simplifying print jobs.
Read Print Data With the use of a barcode or optical scanner, this function converts and sends plain text to the software, which then locates the record and relays the message to the imager, letting it know what data needs to be printed. The reader can be set for Data, Key or Index mode, identifying what type of file is being printed and where it is located. This allows for easy, direct communication with the print engine, and signals the jet.engine what file is coming up next for printing.
Track Print Data Within control.tower, the use of sensors, based on intelligence such as conveyor speed, allows the product to be monitored from the beginning to the end of the process. Users can view exactly where the product is located, while written logs display detailed progress of the item. The tracking device can be used to trigger a diverter, update a product’s position or signal that the product is ready to be printed, depending on the location of the sensor. This helps in identifying what, if any, the potential problems are, and also will help determine if the print is happening as quickly and efficiently as need be. Verify Print Quality in Real Time Scanners are used in the verifying process, allowing the operator to make sure that output is legible and that it is an exact match to the data scanned by the reader. If it is not, this product will be diverted and a message sent signifying that the product scanned was rejected. This reconfirms that no illegible data will ever pass inspection, helping save time and money since there is no unnecessary follow up required. And, even if a product is unidentifiable and has been rejected, the printing order will not be disrupted. It will continue to print the next page, but notify the operator that one page was diverted. View Live Print Results with the Vision System An additional option for control.tower, Vision System gives you the capability of not only knowing that your data has been properly printed, but actually allows you to see the printed data. This extra feature that adds into Control Tower, introduces the use of a camera as opposed to a scanner, providing the chance to see the data before it leaves the machine. Having the capability to make side by side comparisons between data sent and data printed, ensures that the data was printed accurately and meets the quality that is demanded.
Printer Software Interface Options
On-Board RIP When print jobs will remain the same with few if any changes, inc.jet offers On-Board Rip, an add-in that allows the print layout to be loaded directly into the jet.engine via an Ethernet connection. The jet.engine can be completely disconnected from the GUI after set up, allowing you the freedom to directly print fixed and/or variable data without having to control process.
PDF Printing Software Solutions
Rasterise Postscript and PDF files to TIFF, JPEG, and Bitmap High-speed throughput allows for RIP-ing print jobs on-the-fly All software RIP eliminates custom hardware Configurable for different image resolutions in the horizontal and vertical dimensions Configurable for a number of grey scale levels, down to 1 bit/pixel