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CircumSpect® Components Standard Image Enclosure o FireWire or GiG-E cameras o Custom lighting solution Operator Workstation/Electronics Enclosure o 17” Touchscreen o Cooled via fan or vortex o Opto-isolated I/O via Allen Bradley PLC Reject Mechanism User’s Manual System Schematics IQ/OQ/PQ Documentation Package
Optional NEMA 4/4X : Stainless steel food grade construction Lockable Reject Box Product Singulator
CircumSpect® Overview CircumSpect is a turnkey product and label verification system that can accurately verify product labels or pre-printed packages on three-dimensional randomly oriented products such as jars, bottles, and vials. The turnkey label and package inspection system sits atop a conveyance system and offers 360 degree non-contact inspection on the part passing through the imaging station. The image station uses multiple digital cameras to capture different images of the part that are then stitched together into one unwrapped image. Vision tools are then applied to verify inspection criteria and pass or fail the part. Passed parts continue on down the conveyor while failed parts are removed from the conveyor by a rejector. CircumSpect is a field-proven, unique option in addressing important manufacturing and process issues in: Consumer Product Safety o Allergen prevention o Reduced liability Consumer Satisfaction o Mislabeled product Distribution Channel Satisfaction o Mislabeled product o Return credits o Pallet returns o Quarantines
CircumSpect® Capabilities Accurate 360° inspection in a single image Part orientation is not required Non-contact 100% inspection up to 750 PPM, inspection is done without slowing manufacturing line (only minimal spacing between parts is required: one container diameter) Part handling is simplified with easy installation, fits over existing conveyance as part moves through on conveyor Simple vision setup and product changeover Wide range of vision tools that can be customized: o Mixed Product Avoidance o Product Sorting o Label Placement o Label Content Verification o Date-Lot Code Verification o Bar Code and Data Matrix Reading o Gauging (without a telecentric lens) Verifies lid logo contents