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TamperProof® Components Standard Based on VAIA's SureLabel® Product Cognex VisionPro® software libraries Single custom washdown ring light 4 monochrome GIG-E cameras and 1 color GIG-E camera Reject Mechanism Operator's Manual System Schematics (available upon request) IQ/OQ/PQ Documentation Package (upon request)
Optional NEMA 4/4X : Stainless steel food grade construction IP enclosure ratings up to IP67 (dust tight/water immersion) Adjustable XY imaging system position bracket, with tool-free adjustment Touchscreen interface
TamperProof® Benefits VAIA Technologies has developed a product to inspect and ensure the integrity of tamper-evident closures. TamperProof© verifies: that the tamper seal is intact, that the closure is not cocked that the closure height, relative to a reference point on the container, is within tolerance indicating that the closure has been torqued correctly,and verifies the closure color. Tamper-evident plastic closures are used on many nutrition, beverage, and food containers. Tamper-evident closures provide a security measure to the manufacturer and a guarantee to the consumer that the container has not been opened and the contents have not been compromised. VAIA’s solution mounts over the conveyor and can inspect plastic product closures at a rate of up to 1000 closures per minute. Multiple cameras are positioned around the closure, providing 360 degree inspection. An inspection recipe management system is included and an optional height adjustment system is available, making changeover fast and easy.
TamperProof® Capabilities Inspects the presence, integrity, color and position of the tamper evident band Inspects up to 1000 containers per minute Handles many product types Provides information security with multilevel login levels for operators and administrators Provides secure access (Log-ins, Passwords, Permissions) Provides event logging o Log-ins, Log-outs o Container changes o Label configuration changes o Parameter Changes Exporting of track and run statistics