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Sure Label-ONE
SureLabel®-ONE Components Standard In-Sight 5603 Vision Sensor (IP 67 rated) LED Lighting Module with strobe control Stainless steel enclosure with Cognex VisionView Monitor Discrete I/O Module Pre-loaded verification and inspection application User’s Manual System Schematics
Optional NEMA 4/4X : Stainless steel food grade construction Adjustable XY imaging system position bracket, with tool-free adjustment Reject Mechanism
SureLabel®-ONE Label Inspection Benefits Provide the means to verify that the carton or package presented is the one that is expected Foreign container detection – SureLabel™ ONE will pass the label or package that is expected and will fail anything presented that is not expected, without the need to identify the foreign label or package Provide flexibility in selecting the method of identification most suitable to the packaging being verified No PC required "Show and Go" simplicity and flexibility o Enables fast product changeover o Flexible location of identifier o Select type of identifier for each run Uses a single identifier for product or label verification o A single 2D barcode, OR o A single linear barcode, OR o A unique pattern (e.g., flavor) Full Life Cycle support backed by 200 years of combined machine vision experience
SureLabel®-ONE Label or Product Inspection Capabilities Operates at up to 400 ppm Trains for an inspection on: o 2D Barcode inspection / verification, OR o A single linear barcode, OR o Custom label inspection / unique pattern