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Rx Equipment
Multi-Functional Accumulate Lane Divide On Demand Flow Divide
Automatic Vial Tray Loader Vial Handling System
This revoutionary design of Garvey’s automatic vial tray lader can load up to 800 3ml vpm into cardboard or plastic trays with extremely low vial to vial impact. Loading 6 rows at a time, this unit reduces the number of strokes required to load a tray and therefore the speed and impact on all vials. This preserves vial integrity. All movements are controlled by servo driven linear motors. The Automatic Vial Tray Loader is av vial tray loader that can be mated to either Garvey’s Bi-Flo or Infinity RX accumulators depending on line speed and vial size.
Infinity RX Accumulation Table
Never before has it been so easy to protect the throughput of your production lines. Garvey’s Infinity RX Accumulation Table provides a high-speed, zero- pressure accumulation system at previously impossible high rates. This machine flawlessly handles products such as vials prone to instability and damage on typical conveyors. This accumulator virtually eliminates all vial damage that is a common issue in the pharmaceutical industry.
This table top accumulator was developed to be a simple and effective rotary table replacement or turntable accumulator replacement. The patented InfinityRX 36” and 48” can out-feed products faster than a traditional rotary table and with less pressure and no damage. This rotary accumulation table replacement uses virtually the same footprint as a traditional rotary table with greatly reduced pressure and noise. The Rotary Table Replacement allows conveyors to eliminate virtually all vial damage while also accumulating vials effectively.
The Infinity was designed to meet the needs of industries with the strictest regulations. All interior surfaces are angled to prevent foreign materials from collecting, and metal-to-metal surfaces have been minimized to eliminate entrapment. The system also provides complete access to all interior and exterior surfaces to allow for easy cleaning, to meet FDA standards.
Multi-Functional Single File Lane Divide On Demand Flow Divide Stay First In First Out
Infinity RX Rotary Replacement
The latest iteration of our patented Infinity technology, the InfinityRX has been specially designed to fit the needs of the pharmaceutical industry. It can accumulate and single file 2ml and 3ml vials at over 800 vials per minute, far surpassing any other single filer on the market.
Rotary Table Replacement
With the lowest operational cost of any accumulator on the market, the Infinity keeps maximum production more affordable than ever. This product is primarily used with the pharmaceutical industry but works with a vast array of different products.
Multi-Functional Single File Lane Divide On Demand Flow Divide Stay First In First Out
Benefits Eliminate vial damage Reduce noise Increase ouput speeds
Clean Room Transfer
The Garvey Clean Room Transfer is a clean pass through conveyor design to minimize the size of the exit portal of a clean room while providing a flush chain to chain transfer, eliminating the need for dead plates. This system is an effective solution as it allows products to be transferred into controlled environments without being handled. The unit can be located either outside or within the clean room.
Construction Features Easily adjustable Stainless Steel Construction Lexan Covers Rates Up to 1,000 per minute - Class 100 Clean Room Certified
Rx Conveyor
The Rx design implements a proactive approach to increase cleanliness, minimizing dirt pockets and maximizing rounded surfaces for better drainage. The Garvey conveyor system includes a complete range of guide rails and supports. Every component in the new platforms has been carefully designed to give maximum support. The components are also highly modular to make the Rx conveyors flexible and support easy engineering. Standardization also simplifies assembly and installation, reducing start-up time and allowing quick and easy line modifications.
Construction Features 1.75” Chain Width Stainless Steel UHMWPE Wearstrips Side Transfer Capabilities Multiple Drive Options
Module Assembly Lengths Standard Drive Modules Standard Tail Modules Intermediate Modules - 12” to 60” Center Drive Units
Curve Module Options 45 Degree Curve Turn Discs 90 Degree Curve