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Hot Melt Glue Rotary Labelers
RollMatic Labeler Type: rotary roll-fed labeler. Application: plastic roll-fed label with hot melt glue Possible combination hot-melt + cold glue and/or pressure sensitive on the same labeler. Suitable to handle cylindrical and shaped (rectangular, square, oval and so on) containers, even empty. Production speed from 60 to 1.000 bpm, depending on the model.
Roll-Line Labeler Type: linear roll-fed labeler. Application: wrap-around label from reel with hot melt system, 640mm max label length. Suitable to handle cylindrical containers only, even empty, 200mm max diameter. Production speed from 60 to 380 bpm, depending on the model.
ROTARY Roll-Fed Labeling Machine Suitable for the Application of Wrap-Around Labels from Reel.
Made in U.S.A. - LINEAR Roll-Fed Labeling Machine Suitable to Apply Wrap-Around Labels from Reel with Hot Melt.