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Futura Rotary Labeler
Futura Labeler This labeler features continuous control of the amount of glue dispensed as well as the temperature. There are two independent glue groups, one to distribute glue on the container and the other to glue the overlapping part of the label. The glue is distributed on a steel roller. Any amount of glue exceeding the predetermined amount is recovered in a tank. Heating the groups is done by independent heating elements that raise the temperature of the material to the right level quickly and evenly. The roller speed to apply the glue is synchronized with the speed of the labeler. The Futura labeler is suitable for the production of 10,000 to 60,000 bottles/hour. Particular attention has been given to the time needed to change the format; it is now possible to change the format quickly and easily, without the use of tools.
Technological innovation is the order of the day at P.E. LABELERS. The labeling station of the Futura labeler model has recently been completely redesigned having achieved its objectives of reducing both energy costs and fumes when using hot glue. This new station has also reduced the labeler’s maintenance costs by over 50%. Type: rotary labeler. Application : wrap-around cut&stack hot melt labels only. Label magazine: fixed. Possible labeling combination on the same labeler. Suitable to handle cylindrical and shaped (rectangular, square, oval and so on) containers, even empty. Production speed from 130 to 1200 bpm, depending on the model.
ROTARY cut & stack hot melt labeler for the application of wrap-around precut paper or plastic labels.