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Pre-Glued Label Rotary Labeler
ROTARY Linerless Roll-Fed Pressure Sensitive Labeler Suitable to Apply Wrap-Around Pre-Glued Labels
Frequently Asked Questions: ADHESLEEVE 1. Which are the storage times of pre-glued reels? Storage times are provided by the converters, but we can assert that, without prejudice to the ambient conditions recommended for the standard label reels, the pre-glued reels have the same storage times. (As per the technical sheets issued to the customers). 2. Will the label reels, which are pre-glued and on which the glue is applied in register, leave glue traces / filaments on the pull rollers causing machine stops? Due to the experience gained with this type of machine, we can unconditionally rule out this problem. 3. Can the temperature range, that can be registered in a bottling plant, affect the cutting blades? Absolutely not. 4. Can a label reel featuring any defect in thickness (even of a few micron) cause problems in the label cut with relevant machine jams? This kind of problem won’t arise, if the range of thicknesses supplied by us is followed. 5. Is it necessary to adjust the cutting blades, as it is for a standard Roll-fed machine? The new cutting system does not require any blade adjustment. 6. Standard Roll-fed machines require, after a variable amount of working hours, a machine stop to clean the transfer pads from any residual glue. Shall this cleaning operation be made on the new system as well? No, the features of the new machine do not require this operation. 7. Could any condensation on the bottles cause problems during the application of the labels? The bottles should be almost dry, as per any standard Roll-fed machine. 8. Can the label be applied on both plastic and glass containers? Of course, the label can be applied indifferently on PET, PE, HDPE and glass containers.
APPLIED LABEL 1. Is it possible that the label overlap on both cylindrical and square bottles presents waving edges? The homogeneous spreading of the glue on the reel, both on the leading and on the closing edges, best grants the overlap’s hold, even in case of thermal-shrinking of the label on the container. 2. Should the containers/bottles be stored for a long time, would the glue crystallize thus making the labels detach? The water based adhesive, which is used in this case, has an excellent resistance to aging and oxidation due to UV rays. From the data supplied by our customers with regards to containers stored for 24 months in various conditions, no glue abjection/oxidation, and the consequent label detachment, occurred. 3. By storing the containers normally in the fridge, will the condensation that usually develops in room temperature conditions cause the label detachment? Several tests that have been carried out in the last months at all temperature ranges and they have removed the slightest doubt on this hypothetical problem. 4. Is the aspect of the label affected by the glue application during the converting process? No, the aspect of the label will remain unchanged in the course of time.