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ABC Model 70 Automatic Partition Inserter
Single Head The Model 70 partitioner automatically opens and inserts multi-celled lightweight chipboard partitions into RSC, HSC or Tablock cases utilizing efficient servo technology that ensures positive, high speed reliability. This efficient machine is operated by A-B-C's Intelligent Control electronics, to ensure accurate opening and positive placement of partitions into the case. The compact size and in-line design make this partition inserter easy to install between case erector and packer. Dual Head The Dual Head Model 70 delivers double the volume of the single- head model for maximum performance and flexibility on your line. Servos drive the partition indexing/opening/inserting plus case indexing and positioning for top precision and reliability. Lateral stabilizers square the partition after opening to “lock” the partition’s interlocking panels and ensure smooth insertion into the waiting case or tray.
Large, Easy Load Partition Magazine The magazine is designed with features to hold partitions in the proper compression to ensure reliable feed, and offers easy loading at any time during operation. The standard magazine holds 250 partitions and optional extended magazines are available to increase capacity.
Single & Dual Head
Single and Dual Head Models for All Applications Achieve high speed operation with servo precision, with two models available: Single head for speeds to 35 cpm, dual head for speeds to 60 cpm. To ensure continuous operation, the partition magazine may be refilled at any time.
Reduced Maintenance Features Tubular steel frame construction Sealed bearings minimize maintenance Automatic water eliminator keeps air lines dry Quick, no tools changeover, step-by-step instructions accessed from touchscreen operator panel
Specifications Case range: RSC, HSC or Tablock cases Partition range: Full height or shoulder height partitions Electrical: Primary 460v, 60 Hz, 3 Phase Air: Single head model: 0.21 scfm @ 80 psi, 7.4 scfm @ 35 cpm Air: Dual head model: 0.42 scfm @ 80 psi, 12.6 scfm @ 60 cpm Speed: Single head 35 cases/minute, Dual head 60 cases/minute
Positive Control for Reliable Performance Partitions are maintained under full control throughout indexing, opening, and inserting. Dual servos provide precise opening and inserting in one synchronized motion, and dual servo lateral stabilizers lock the partition open before insertion. Cases are indexed into correct position against conveyor stops, and funnels lower into the case to guide partitions and ensure proper alignment.
High Performance Features Automatic case feed Dual servo drive for indexing/opening and inserting Multi-grippers firmly grip partitions Dual servo lateral stabilizers square and lock partitions Easy-load partition magazine High visibility guard doors Case conveyor with control stops
Rapid, No-Tools Changeover Ensures Top Flexibility For changeover, the operator simply selects the new size, then follows the sequence shown on the touchscreen display. Quick-turn locking handles and hand turnwheels simplify dimensional adjustments, and easy-lock modular gripper assemblies ensure a quick return to production.