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Carrera 500 Horizontal Flow Wrapper
A work horse entry level PLC rotary head wrapper designed for 24/7 operation. Equipped color touch screen with self- diagnostics as well as the flexibility for applications within the bakery, confectionary, IQF and pharmaceutical industries. The Ilapak Carrera solution was developed for quick and easy product change over, reduced downtime, and high production 24/7 heavy workload environments. “No Product No Bag” No product No bag is a feature that allows an operator to place the product on a continuous running infeed conveyor without the need to fill all the vacant lug pockets. If the operator stops hand feeding product onto the infeed the Carrera machine will not produce empty bags. What happens is that the fin wheel and sealing jaw motors stop until a photo eye detects product arriving down the continuous running infeed. When it does see additional product, these motors start up again producing packaged products. Ultimately this saves film and does not stress the operator to fill each lug pocket. “Mis-Placed Product Detection” Prior to the sealing jaws, a photo eye looks between each package to make sure there is adequate space to cut the film. If the eye detects that it will “chop” down on the product, the sealing jaw stops allowing the fin wheel and infeed motor to continue running. The potential chopped products now pass through the jaws unharmed. Mis-Placed Product Detection dramatically reduces downtime, eliminates damage to both products and sealing jaws, and allows the operators to continue hand feeding the infeed.
Standard Features PLC operating system 3 ABB motor machine (infeed, fin wheels, and jaws) “No Product No Bag” feature “Mis-Placed Product Detection” feature 99 preset recipes Color touch screen HMI Real time on-screen diagnostics 2.5 meters of infeed with stainless steel contact parts Open top folding box with toolless change overs Auto opening of heated fin wheels Pneumatic film brake system 25.5” capacity film roll carriage 3 sets of fin rollers (cold, hot and fold) 4 language PC screen 1 fixed folding box 28” long discharge conveyor Durable frame Self centering film shaft

Entry Level Wrapper