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Contour M-80/105 Servo Multiwrapper
Benefits Speeds: M-80: up to 80 cycles per minute M-105: up to 105 cycles per minute Film only solutions for single or multiple lane applications. Pad or u-board solutions available for single lane applications only Next generation electronic motion controls maximize flexibility and provide simple and repeatable changeovers Gull wing style guarding enhances accessibility Exclusive patented Smartrak® Steady Stream Infeed System (optional). The Smartrak® infeed eliminates soft bottle product bridging and removes the gaps that compromise pack pattern accuracy and continuous product flow Patented pinless metering uses new technology to gently meter products at speeds 50 percent faster than traditional metering. Pinless metering also eliminates product damage sometimes caused by pin metering, reducing operating costs. Side mounted film stand assures proper ergonomics and adds convenience for film loading and splicing Flexible servo driven wrapping wand provides exceptional film control and accurate film placement Revolutionary patent-pending heat tunnel uses advanced heat and airflow management, delivering tightly wrapped packages for maximum package integrity and appearance
Reap the benefits of aesthetically pleasing film wrapped pad, u- board, or film only products with Douglas Contour™ M-Series Multi- wrappers. Patent-pending shrink tunnel innovations ensure excellent film wrapped packages. These scalable solutions also offer other patented and patent-pending features for quick and simple product size changes.
Smart Trak Infeed Smartrak II – Mass flow infeed design eliminates soft bottle bridging and removes gaps to ensure pack-pattern accuracy and continuous product flow. Distinguishing features include modulated speed control programming for surge pressure relief at the choke point, single solid adjustment cross-members, tool less clamps and pinned lane guide adjustment positions for stable operation and quick, accurate changeovers. By eliminating many mechanical changeover adjustments and replacing them with a one clamp design, changeovers are seamless and fast.
Slipstream™ SS                        Slipstream™ HS   Speed Stabalized pinless metering      High Speed pinless metering
Slip Stream Metering
Slipstream™ HS / Slipstream™ SS: Pinless metering using slip sheet methodology and servo technology to gently meter bottled, cartoned, canned and other products in appropriate pack- patterns without the use of tampers or escapement pins. Remarkable stability control allows for faster handling than traditional metering methods. Tool free changeovers and the intuitive HMI control panel also increase productivity. The appropriate technology is determined based on speeds and your product. Slipstream SS offers more stability as product moves faster, especially with unstable product or odd size/shaped packaging.
Backed by Douglas' exclusive 3 year limited warranty