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L-Bar Sealers
L-Sealers & Tunnel Systems
Semi-Automatic Combination System The HDS-215 combination shrink system is Heat Seal's most popular and versatile shrink packaging combo system. The HDS215 has a 15" by 20" seal area, an RS-3 digital controller, dual magnetic hold downs with adjustable dwell time and posi-trac power take away conveyor. The HDS-215 is 220 volts with a 3,600 watt tunnel. With standard options, the HDS215 is guaranteed to ship in 5 days or less on our RapidHS program. Other size ranges are also available.
Machine Specifications Film Capacity: 20” Wide (51 cm) L Bar Seal Area: 15” W, 20” L (38 W, 51 L cm) Inside Tunnel Dimensions: 21” L, 14 1/2” W, 8” H (53 L, 37 W, 20 H cm) Tunnel Conveyor Speed: 0-20 Feet per Minute (0-6 meters per minute) Overall Dimensions: 76” L, 29” W, 57” H (193 L, 74 W,145 H cm) Working Height: 37” (94 cm) Power Requirements: 220 Volts, 25 Amp, Single Circuit with Ground Wattage Tunnel: 3,600 Watts Conveyor Belt: 500 Watts Weight: 625 lbs. (284 kg)
Features Top Mounted, Easy Access, UL Listed Control Panel RS-3 Digital Controller For Easy System Setup and Operation with Built In Diagnostics and Alarms Single Cord 220V Single Phase Power Supply Large 15” W by 20” L Seal Area Cast Aluminum Seal Head with Film Clamps Dual Magnetic Hold Down With Adjustable Pressure And Dwell Time Posi-Trac Power Take Away Conveyor Smooth Product Transfer from Power Take Away to Tunnel with Single Hand Crank Height Adjustment 8” H By 14½” W Tunnel Opening Adjustable Heat Tunnel Conveyor Belt for Bottom Shrink Control Package Centering Adjustment Conveyor Alignment System for Even Shrink Automatic Cool Down Extends Heating Element Life RAPIDHS - Standard Machine Options will Ship in 5 Days or Less Two Year Warranty Three Individually Adjustable Perforating Wheels Adjustable Film Cradle Heavy Duty Casters and Levelers Stainless Steel Model Available
Options Hot Knife Seal System 15” W by 24” L Extended Sealing Area Powered Lift/Posi-Trac Power Take Away Conveyor Hot Hole Punch (Replaces perf rollers) Adjustable Hot Hole Punch with Articulated Arm Stainless Steel Construction (HDS215S) Left Hand Reverse Flow Spare Parts Kit Powered Film Unwind with Perforating Roller and 6 Inch High Adjustable Inverting Head GTC180/16- 180 Degree Gravity Turn Around Conveyor GTC90/16- 90 Degree Gravity Turn Around Conveyor AT36- 36" Powered Accumulator Table
Fully Automatic System Maximize employee productivity with Heat Seal’s Automatic Shrink Packaging System. This automatic packaging system wraps up to 30 packages per minute. Flexible and reliable the automatic packaging machine offers 10 product presets for quick and easy product change. This reliable system provides a quality packaging solution and will help lower applied packaging costs.
Features IC-1772 Belted Infeed Conveyor Power and Control from HDSA-1721 Variable Speed Low Pressure Belt HDSA-1721 Automatic L-Sealer PLC with Color HMI Controls Wraps up to 30 Packages per Minute, depending on application and package size Optional Closing Conveyor T-3417 Shrink Tunnel Adjustable Air Flow Digital Temperature Controls Multiple Conveyor Options
Options Closing Conveyor Indexing Motion Profile With Stop Sensor (Option with Flighted Infeed Conveyors) Center Folder CF-740, Maximum Roll Width - 48" FIC-1796- 8' Flighted Infeed Conveyor, Variable Speed FIC-1772- 6' Flighted Infeed Conveyor, Variable Speed
Machine Specifications HDSA-1721 Automatic L Bar Max. Package Dimensions: 2.0” L Min. (5 cm L) with Optional Closing Conveyor, 2” - 16” W (5 - 41 cm W), .13” - 4.75” H (.3 - 12 cm H), 4.0” L Min. (10 cm L) Film Capacity: 22” Center Folded, up to 44” with Optional Center Folder (55 cm) (110 cm) L Bar Seal Area: 17” W x 21” L (45 W x 55 cm L) Conveyor Speed: 70 ft./min. (21 m./min.) Overall Dimensions: 72” L, 38” W, 60” H (183 L, 97 W, 152 cm H) Working Adjustable Height: 32”- 36” H (81 - 91 cm H) Power Requirements: 220VAC, Single Phase, 50/60 HZ, 8 A Air Requirements: 3 cu.ft./min. @ 80 psi (.085 cu.m./min. @ 5.5 kg./sq.cm.) Net Weight: 1020 Lbs.