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Small Character Coders
The MSSC DailyJet HP1000 Hand Coder offers a breakthrough design for true mobile use. Featuring a slim profile, the DailyJet can easily be transported, and its ultra-lightweight construction means there’s less fatigue by the end user on the job site.
DailyJet HP1000 Hand Coder
Features Features HP 2.5 cartridge technology. Ultra-portable and lightweight (1.3 lbs/600 gm) Capable of printing anywhere and at any angle. Slim profile for ease-of-use. Prints high-resolution characters, high-quality logos, and QR codes.
Print Anywhere, Everywhere.
The DailyJet HP1000 Hand Coder portable, flexible printer uses 4-AA rechargeable batteries (Not included) to give you maximum uptime. This printer was designed from the ground up to be a true hand coder, not just a printhead stuck on a handle.
Porous Print
Non-porous Print