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Poly Bag Inserters and Closers
SL220 Poly Bag Inserter The SL220 case liner (bag inserter) makes bags from a roll of gusseted polyethylene tubing, places the bag into a case, crate, drum or tray and cuffs the bag over the edges. The new SL220 Servo case liner sets a new industry standard with a speed of up to 25 cases per minute.
SC300 Poly Bag Sealer  The SC300 Polybag Top Heat Sealer will automatically un-cuff a filled polybag in a box, neatly re-fold the gussets, tamp-out excess air from the bag and heat seal the polybag within the dimension of the case, at eight cases per minute on demand.
SC400 Poly Bag Closer   The SC400 bag closer mechanically un-cuffs a bag in a box clear of the case flaps, opens the side flaps and folds the bag into a neat two-way fold to protect the filled product. Heat-sealing and other closing methods are optional.